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By Caroline Mcguire for MailOnline. A tattooed model who became an internet sensation after posting a video of herself jiggling her boobs to Mozart on the internet has released a festive version of her party trick - moving her breasts to the tune of Jingle Bells.

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The original clip, which showed Sara X Mills moving her boobs individually and simultaneously to the sound of Mozart's Eine kleine Nachtmusik was viewed more than 26 million times in just one week. But Sara's popularity was a double-edged sword - although the short film gave her instant fame and helped to raise money for charity, it also brought death threats. Scroll down for video.

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Sara X first became an internet star by jiggling her breasts to Mozart. She has since filmed another clip just in time for Christmas where she moves her chest in time to Jingle Bells.

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Sara X, a former stripper and freelance writer, says that she was 'bored and uninspired' at the time she recorded the video. But the year-old revealed that she received a barrage of abuse from internet trolls after the clip went global in October.

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She told Jezebel at the time: Sara said that she had found the attention her trick had brought disconcerting and that she wouldn't feel too sad when her time int he spotlight passed. However, she must have had a change of heart since making those statements as she uploaded the fresh clip to YouTubeyesterday. Sara then twerks her breasts to the rhythm of Jingle Bells.