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Bonnie Rotten is the stage name of Alaina Hicks [5] born May 9,[1] an American pornographic actressfeature dancerfetish modeldirectorand producer. Rotten is from HamiltonOhio.

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She told one interviewer: I was banging everybody and having sex with all of my girlfriends, all that fun kind of stuff. Rotten started her career as a fetish model for the magazine Girls and Corpses[13] [14] which took note of her after she won the Ms. In Septembershe obtained breast implants.

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The company Digital Sin produced two films focused entirely on her, Meet Bonnie that was a sales chart topping success [17] and The Gangbang of Bonnie Rotten. Rotten filed a lawsuit against pornographer Max Hardcore inalleging that Hardcore had unlawfully made available to the public a scene the two had shot for the unreleased film Fuck Puppets 2.

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InRotten reprised the role of "Max Candy" in the porn remake of Cape Fear and cited Robert De Niro 's performance in the version as her inspiration for the role. In Septembershe began a publicity tour which Tattoo spider web boobs visits to SpainSouth AfricaGermanyand Switzerland.