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Wife is making me wear panties and sucking dick


Even before we were married, my wife Sarah controlled our sexual life pretty strictly. When she discovered I was a virgin when I proposed to her, she told me she wanted me to stay that way until after the wedding. After Jake left, my wife wanted me to eat her out immediately. We went in the bedroom, and I lied down on the bed. After she set up the video, she got naked, and then straddled my face. She sat on my face. Over the years of our marriage, my wife and I have been very open sexually with each other.

After 15 years of wedded bliss, my sexy wife and I have come to a mutually satisfying understanding. Wife Made Me do IT! CockSucker I have been happily married for over 10 years. My wife and I are sexually adventurous and open-minded. We have always openly shared fantasies. My wife always makes an effort to realize all of our fantasies.

My wife, Anne, is a beautiful woman who takes very good care of herself. She is a natural blonde with natural 36 D tits and firm, muscular legs. Out in public with my wife loves to tease. She and I enjoy noticing most men and even some women checking out her nice figure. Most men would cum in their pants if they knew what a kinky, sexual women I am married to. She loves to dress provocatively and knows I am turned on by her antics.

Wife is making me wear panties and sucking dick

The Wife's Panties

Over the years of marriage and lots of experimentation, we tried most couples' fantasies. We both love to be tied up, although, I am much more submissive than my wife. We both enjoy anal sex, and I have had my ass fucked by Anne numerous times with her strap on.

Over the last few years we've become increasingly turned on by bisexuality. We are turned on by lesbian and gay sex.

Although my wife is turned on big tits and feminine women, she is most turned on by gay sex. Her hottest fantasy is watching as a dominant, Wife is making me wear panties and sucking dick man sexually dominates another Wife is making me wear panties and sucking dick. She has orgasmed many times thinking about me sucking cock. She wants me to be sexually submissive to some stud.

I must admit the idea turns me on as well. We both enjoy eating sperm. Anne loves to suck my cock until I erupt in her mouth and then she kisses me sharing my load with me. My wife gets hot when I eat my own cum.

Her favorite ways of feeding me cum Wife is making me wear panties and sucking dick after cumming in her shaved pussy, sitting on my face while I suck and lick her clean.

She also loves having me cum in a glass and then watching me drink my own cum. All this has led Anne to taunting and teasing me about sucking another man's cock and then swallowing his load.

I admit that when she talks to me, my cock gets hard and we have blistering sex. Anne has been trying to get me to suck a guys cock. She has proposed going to Wife is making me wear panties and sucking dick adult theater with me and watching me suck cock in a gloryhole.

She has begged me to find someone on-line and then set up a meeting to suck another man's hard cock. Although I am quite turned on by it, I am also too scared to actually follow up on sucking a real cock.

I keep hoping that Anne will be satisfied with making me suck her strap on and eating my own cum. My wife has been teasing me in bed about wearing women's panties and sucking another man's cock. She calls me a "sissy slut" or "a cocksucker" as she teases my hard cock until I shoot a huge load of cum.

She has purchased me 6 pairs of very feminine, sexy women's Wife is making me wear panties and sucking dick. All of them are string bikini types with lots of satin and lace. The panties barely contain my hard cock. I wear women's panties about 5 days a week. This past week, I had traveled to Chicago for business. I was staying at a very nice downtown hotel for the week. When I was unpacking, I found a new pair of thong panties.

On the panties were the words, "I love cock". My cock jumped in my khaki's. I also found a sexy picture of my wife in a tight pair of jeans, one of my dress shirts tied up around her waist and a very obvious large cock shaped bulge in the crotch of jeans. On the back of the photo were the words, "Think about a cock like this in your mouth!

Husband Forced to Wear Wifes...

My cock began throbbing in my pants. My wife had made sure before I left for my trip that I did not take any male underwear. I knew that all week Wife is making me wear panties and sucking dick would be wearing only sexy panties. The next couple of nights, my wife and I enjoyed phone sex.

She made sure I was stroking my cock through a pair of panties and catching my load in a glass. She teased me hard with all kinds of stories about sucking cock. She asked me each night what I would do if a man approached me very directly and asked me to suck his cock. Thinking my wife was just sex talking, I would always answer "Wife is making me wear panties and sucking dick" if he appeared to have a large cock, I would beg him to feed me his cock and cum.

She loved to hear my responses and would make me tell her over and over again how I would kneel submissively and lick and suck his hard cock. On Thursday night, about 9 pm, I heard a knock at the door. At this point of the night, I was wearing the new panties my wife had sent me, with a robe over it. I was a little unsure who would be knocking at my door at 9 pm at night and I also knew Anne would be calling any minute.

I went to the door and opened it. Standing there was a large muscular man with another man standing behind him. The muscular man stated rather loudly, "Are you Michael? Both men came into my room. The smaller man was carrying a couple of large cases. I quickly closed the door. So do you want to suck my cock or not? He grabs me around the throat and backs me up against the wall.

Wife is making me wear panties and sucking dick realize quickly that there is no way I could defend myself against these two studs. At that point everything changes because we both realize my cock is hard. Jack grins wickedly as he looks into my face and grabs my hard cock. Steve this faggot is wearing panties and is rock hard! So, are you ready to suck cock, faggot?

He walks into the room and looks around. Steve begins opening up his cases and starts taking out video recording equipment. I realize that Steve is there to video tape my humiliation. I watch with dread as Steve sets up. I mix a few drinks for JackSteve and myself. Within fifteen minutes of the knock on Wife is making me wear panties and sucking dick door, Steve is finishing up his set up, Jack and I are drinking our drinks and my cock is still hard.

Horny And Waiting My Cock...

I do as told. I am now standing in front of him in a thong with the words "I love cock" on them. My own cock is barely contained by them.

Jack stands and strips down until his naked. He is completely hairless including his shaved cock. I find myself staring at his manhood. His cock is huge and it's not even hard. I don't respond, but I lick my lips. I really want his cock. As he says this, Jack puts his hand on my shoulder and with little effort pushes me to my knees in front of his huge cock. I want to suck it! Make me your cock slut!

I want to suck you off and have you feed me your cum! I beg as my cock jumps in lust again. Wife Makes Me Wear Panties Porn Movies: Wife Makes Me Cum.

Wife Makes Me Cum. Friends Wife Makes Me Cum Lost A. Hot Wife Making Me. My wife has been teasing me in bed about wearing women's panties and. "Do it, baby, suck that cock – be a cocksucker for me, Michael, make Jack cum with. Step mom makes step son wearing her panties and bra and suck cock videos.

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