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American idol results bottom three


For those who are not as patient, scroll down to the American idol results bottom three of the article for the top 3 revealed. Following the set, all of the performances received a standing ovation from the judges. Each contestant performs 2 songs tonight, one song dedicated to each of their moms and one Carrie Underwood hit.

Underwood then met with the top 5 to go over each of their strengths and practice their top 5 performances. To vote for michaeljwoodard, text 13 to ! A post shared by American Idol americanidol on May 13, at 5: Seacrest then chatted with the contestants about their closeness to each other and their bond together.

Gabby Barrett was then the next singer to perform and she American idol results bottom three over Underwood, crying tears when she got to meet her. She also told Underwood that her husband is very good-looking. Cade Foehner was the next performer and lately, there have been rumors that Foehner and Barrett have been dating.

American Idol Season 3 Winner...

He also praised Foehner for his talent, as did the other judges. Want cadefoehner to continue on? Text 8 to ! Caleb Lee Hutchinson was the next hopeful to take the stage. Harmon won season 15 of the original American Idol show. Next, Hutchinson was shown meeting with Carrie Underwood and he said he was terrified to perform one of her songs for her.

Up next was Maddie Poppe, who joked that she was nervous, but ready for her performances tonight. Underwood said that Poppe is definitely a perfectionist and she advised her to stay true to herself in her performances.

American idol results bottom three also told Poppe to not over-analyze every little aspect of her singing because it will end up taking the emotion out of her American idol results bottom three. To vote for maddiepoppe, text 10 to ! Bryan said he was excited to finally see Poppe perform a country song.

The third season of American...

For her performance, Underwood rocked a pink, rhinestone and sequin-covered mini dress. She used pink glittered tears for her makeup. Once her performance ended, Underwood said she was in awe of the top 5 contestants. When it comes American idol results bottom three her latest album, Underwood said that she has co-written most of the songs. It was a bit awkward but amusing.

''American Idol'': A perfect bottom...

Next, Gabby Barrett was shown chatting with her mother, who shared a special as then through tears with her. Richie said it was daring of Barrett to take on a Whitney Houston song, but she pulled it off. A post shared by American Idol americanidol on May 13, at 6: Cade Foehner was up next and he cried with his mother in a pre-taped segment about his difficulties when growing up. His mom then read aloud a sweet letter that Foehner wrote to her.

The judges, of course, gushed over Foehner, who was then shown holding hands with contestant Gabby Barrett backstage. The two have been rumored to be dating over the past weeks. Woodard was then shown in a clip with his mother as well, reading to her a letter about how much her encouragement has meant to him.

Woodard, led by Seacrest, ran to hug his mother after his speaking with the judges and she was overcome with joy. Hutchinson joked to his mom as she wiped her tears and she told her boy that she "American idol results bottom three" always be his number one fan. Bryan hugged his mother and tried to joke away his emotions. Maddie Poppe then was shown sitting with her mom in a video clip, as her mom read a cute message from her singer daughter.

Towards the end of her performance, Poppe became overwhelmed by emotion and could barely finish the song. Richie stood up and begged viewers to vote after Poppe finished. Finally, it was time to find out the top 3 winners … The first person revealed to American idol results bottom three in the top 3 was Caleb Lee Hutchinson.

The third season of American...

Gabby Barrett was the second out of three singers to be announced. Only one spot was remaining … And the third member of the top 3 for American Idol was … Maddie Poppe.

'American Idol': Top 10 Sing...

Cade Foehner and Michael J. Woodard did not make American idol results bottom three through. I am fed up of Entitlement!!! No more comments found. Updated May 13, at View this post on Instagram. Published May 13, at 8: The top 3 winners are chosen out of the top 5 for American Idol tonight. Get the live recap and results on who got eliminated. The "American Idol" final three are Caleb Lee Hutchinson, American idol results bottom three Poppe and Gabby hudson, and i think her name was most their season on the bottom?

Stopped watching after Ada Vox was eliminated.

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Get the complete list of American Idol Top 3 contestants and see Watch the clip above or head down to American idol results bottom three bottom of the post to see. The tenth season of American Idol premiered on January 19, and concluded on May 25, On results night, no "bottom three" was announced.

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