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Sex photo Wife fuck with another man.

We had built up to the moment. You don't want to jump into this kind of thing quickly. Sometimes the fantasy and the reality are very different. And this is true for both people involved. We started exploring the idea of her being with other men by going to dance clubs and dancing with other guys.

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At first it was just regular dancing, then it got into grinding and kissing. Then she would take the guy to a table and make out with him.

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Then it was heavy petting. We went to a party and we met a guy. my wife fuck with...

We decided to push things Wife fuck with another man bit further. We were sitting on a couch, she was in my lap, we were kissing a little. She was in a summer dress, and she had me finger her in front of him. Then she leaned over and kissed him. She said come on, and led us to a bedroom. They didn't have sex, but she gave us both oral, and then let him go down on her before blowing him again.

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Watching the two of them together was something else. After he left, we stayed for quite a while in that room. Then we had sex in the car, stopped again on the way home and made it to the living room before going at it again. It took three attempts to find a willing person, but we finally took a guy home.

I sat out the beginning. I sat on the couch while they played on the floor.

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Kissing, lots of hands and mouth work. Finally, she laid back, spread her legs and he got on top. I moved around so I could get a better view. Then I looked at the whole of the act. It wasn't like porn, it was intense. She looked at me. She told me to pull out my cock so she could see it.

I wanted to masturbate but she said no. I pretty sure she came twice. He finished after a solid ten or fifteen minutes. He got off, and I got right on. We went back and forwards, more or less taking turns on her for at least another hour. This Wife fuck with another man our first time. It was not typical.

While we only had one or two less than fun experiences, nothing was ever quite as intense as that first time. I asked the first part of the question to my husband and he said that it was the best surreal, hypnotic scene he had ever witnessed.

According to my expressive husband, "When I saw that fat cock go inside, I was almost in a sexual trance. Watching the cock brush against a sticky wet pussy, flirt with the folds, and then slice through her beef curtains and go inside,the woman moaning and holding her man close, holding his butt, while the man grunts with the soft, velvety cling of her Wife fuck with another man, I was hooked.

Then the gentle moving of hips, then his frantic thrusts Wife fuck with another man her wirthing of hips, their dirty talk, their combined moans - an orgamsic chant that a man and a woman is made to sing together, it is just sheer sexual magic! As for me, I was basking in a sea of thrills and pleasure, enjoying the toe curling orgasm - as I watched my husband watch me with dilated pupils, his cock throbbing ready to erupt while the man on top of me had a determined look to ravage me, make me his savage slut.

Me and my wife had been speaking to this guy for a while. We were a bit Wife fuck with another man at first for obvious reasons, but he made us feel very comfortable and kept reassuring us everything would be ok.

My wife had been going through a lot. I knew that this was our only chance, or our relationship would end. We'd spent many nights talking about it, what could happen if it went wrong, and all the complications that could arrise from it.

After many talks, we spoke to him and set a date.

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I was the one that was most worried but my wife was ready. She'd come to a point in her life where nothing really mattered anymore.

Whatever would be, would be. It scared me how ready for this she was. I read books about it and did lots of research online to see what other husbands had gone through.

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Some had become broken after it, but some came out of it the other end and their relationships with their wife's had flourished. So the day came and we Wife fuck with another man to see him. As we walked into the room, he asked her to lay on the bed and she laid down. He told me it would be better if I wasn't present at first but I insisted I'd stay.

Then he injected her with anaesthetic, pulled out his scalpel and proceeded to perform heart surgery. She didn't notice a thing. If you want to masturbate, do what any normal person would do and go on Pornhub. Well, i did not see them in bedroom with other guys but Wife fuck with another man saw them together in public places. How i felt about it - i still tried my best at whatever chances i got to somehow I didn't want it but really had little choice in the matter.

I have never been able to make her cum while I was fucking her because I always cum to fast. Usyally when we have sex I cum inside her and then finger her so she can cum. I've licked her pussy to make her cum many times.

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She bought a strapon for me to use to fuck Wife fuck with another man and we tried that a few times but I just couldn't go through with it. I'd fuck her and then beg her to let me quit.

She told me that she had been flirting with a man where she worked and they'd gone out a few times on dates and she made out with him in his car.

She told me that she had decided let him fuck her because she missed having a cum when she was being fucked. She said it would be better for our marriage if he came over and we had a threesome that included me. He came over to the Wife fuck with another man and all three of us went into the bedroom.

Right away I felt like I wasn't wanted. They started kissing and making out and taking clothes off and I just stood there watching. She told me to get naked and join in but I said I couldn't and she said suit yourself. He looked at me a lot and smiled. She avoided looking at me until he rolled between her legs and was inside her. She looked at me and shrugged went back to kissing him while he fucked her. He made her cum and I wanted to cry.

She went into the bathroom to pee and he told me it was all right with him if I fucked her.

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I thought he was a real asshole. He got dressed and left and I fucked her then. It ended up being awsome. Wife is 5ft 7.

One night in bed she told me about a guy she worked with was hitting on her. And she keep telling him she was happily married. As the weeks went on he was asking her out complimenting. Her on how she looked. Wich lead to him telling her he wanted to have sex with her.

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After her telling me I ask her if she wantrd to fuck him she keep saying no. Over and over no. Well one night while having sex I ask her again she final admired Wife fuck with another man wanted to fuck him so I agreed and encourage her I bought her a new lingerie outfit to wear. Wife said he would come over Friday after work omg to watch them kiss and fell each other up was hot wife took him by bis hand and lead him to our bed where they.

Fondle and kissed some more. Then I saw her spread her legs and watched his cock enter her omg I got so hard. As he started to fuck her harder and harder she was moning so much to see my wife flip over and ride his cock almost made me lose it.

He was sucking on her breast as she was riding him then he flipped her on her. Back and I shot mu load all over watching him fill her pussy with his cum. He pushrd as deep as he could and cum in her my wife told him they Wife fuck with another man to do it again I tottaly agree was so hot.

We had been doing soft swap with another married couple for several weeks.

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They didn't have sex, but she gave us both oral, and then let him go down on her before What is it like for a man to watch his wife have sex with another man?. Tons of free Wife Fucked Another Man porn videos and XXX movies are waiting for you on Redtube.

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