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Spank my wife bare

Several years ago, before she...

When I get married I want may husband to dominate me and turning Spank my wife bare bottom red would be an excellant way to do it. Turning your bottom red is an excellent way of dominating you. However I'm assuming you are ready to submit to your husband turning your bottom red?

I "Spank my wife bare" men like you. If only they were Gay. Only a man who loves me enough to straighten me out with a good bare Spank my wife bare spanking, is worthy of my respect and love. Well, you know what. My husband had me do that too. And I had to place myself over his lap too.

Some women are simply more confortable others with the idea of being spanked by a man. Although this is not the same as their liking being spanked, they derive a sense of security from the experience. On the other hand, women tend to vary on baring their behinds. While some want to take it all off, other expect the man to bare the necessary area. Much of it seems to depend on circumstances, prior experiences, and expectations.

My first serious spanking experience was with a woman old enough to have been my mother. The first time, she took off everything and she even went so far as to put herself over my lap. Having been both a mother, and at one time a daughter, she'd experienced spanking from both sides of the coin and knew what it was about.

As a result, she was prepared to "learn her lesson" the old-fashioned way. The first time I spanked my wife, we were dating. At the time, she was in her late teens and thoroughly embarrassed Spank my wife bare she was going to get spanked like a little girl.

As a result, she expected me to assume the role of a parent. To make things go more smoothly, I did everything from pulling down her pants to putting her over my lap. She admitted later Spank my wife bare the pain turned out to be worse than the embarrassment! Although both women admitted they deserved to be punished for their respective misbehaviors, their preliminary expectations were polar opposites. Yet, both women expressed feeling a sense of security in knowing a man could Spank my wife bare them.

I am a young wife of 25 my husband is ten years older than me. When we got married my dad told Neil I needed a firm hand to keep me in line, I do admit to being a bit rebellious and was moreso in my teens. Neil took my dads comment as gospel, and on our honeymoon in Holland we went shopping for a large wooden backed hairbrush this serves two purposes back home he told me Spank my wife bare I stepped out of line or didn't do my wifely duties I would be spanked with my new hairbrush.

I thought he was joking and smiling Spank my wife bare wiggled my bottom at him, that was when he said perhaps he should give me a sample of what to expect. I was told to go to our room and take off my skirt tights and panties, I looked at him and said " You are joking aren't you" He led me by the arm upstairs and told me to undress he picked up the hairbrush and tapping his hand with it I knew he was serious I started to undress, when I was naked from the waist down I suddenly felt very embarrassedI had never been spanked before not even by my dad or mum.

He placed me across the bed with two pillows under my stomach so my bottom was high in the air he told me this was how I would be spanked in future, I was told to straighten my legs, to do so I had to part them slightly. He gave me six sharp strokes, three on each buttock, my tears came after the second one and after all six my bottom was on fire as he told me to hold my position for ten minutes and not to touch my bottom.

He sat in a chair and said that was just a sample of what to expect if I got out of line. I don't know which is worse the spanking or the humiliation of being put in that position knowing I am so exposed. I was only allowed to put my skirt back on which he then tucked the back up into the waist band saying my punishment must be seen. I made sure I kept well away form the windows, my bottom stung for the next two days, I couldn't bare to sit or even wear panties or tights.

I have endured five further serious spankings since then each one as humiliating as the first one, the most embarrassing part I think is having to keep my stinging red bottom bare on display afterwards and not being able to touch it. I too feel secure in knowing that Neil can handle me. I too am young wife who is spanked regularly for my infractions, I am spanked bare bottom ie from the waist down I am not allowed to wear tights as my husband hates them and says they are not good for my hygiene I am also kept smooth he has me waxed each month, his sister waxes me its humiliating having her see my rosy red bottom as she always makes comments like "who's been a naughty girl".

Spank my wife bare I've been spanked I am not allowed to put my skirt or knickers back on my punishment must be on show for the rest Spank my wife bare the day, proir to and after he takes my temperature I always flinch when he inserts Spank my wife bare cold thermometer into my bottom so now he holds me firmly between my legs so I cant move.

My humiliation is knowing I look the naughty girl I am when I;m in position over my spanking chair. During a subsequent discussion, the older woman that I spanked as a teenager admitted age doesn't matter when it comes getting spanked. From an about to be disciplined woman's perspective, Spank my wife bare no graceful way to go over the spanker's lap. The moment of surrender is always a little awkward. In addition, there's the initial shock that comes when a woman either hasn't been spanked it quite a while or, as in your case, has never been Spank my wife bare. According to one domestic discipline website owner, about half the women in domestic discipline relationships weren't spanked as children.

According to my wife, total Spank my wife bare further enhances a woman's sense of vulnerability when she's going to wind up prone under her husband's raised hand rather than supine to receive his erection.

Come see thousands of spanking...

My wife also let me know long ago that she hated to take "Spank my wife bare" spanking while bent over an inanimate object. She Spank my wife bare she's more secure when she has no other option except to let her bottom absorb the consequences for her choices and cry about it. From the start, she needs assurance that her husband will prevail in the matter. When it's over, she expects to be thoroughly submissive.

Otherwise, according to her, getting her butt beat serves no useful purpose! My wife frankly admits being made to stand red bottomed and naked in a corner afterwards is worse than being told in that certain voice to take her clothes off.

I too spank my wife. She's my second wife and it's something I started with my first wife. It's completely different with my second wife than it was my first though. It was a kinky sex thing with my first wife and it never was really for any type of punishment. It's kind of both with this wife.

She doesn't love being spanked but it helps keep the line clear regarding our positions in the relationship.

I spank bare bottom because...

By the way, she is an awesome wife!! I Spank my wife bare it would surprise most men how many women would go along with the spanking, but it's all definitely in the approach. If you let your spouse run over you, they are probably not going to submit to spankings. My husband and I come from different backgrounds. Where he grew up, wife spanking is considered normal.

This was one of the more difficult things I had to adjust to when we married. We've been together for four years now, and I have to admit that I am a better person for it. I won't say that I enjoy it, but I recognize the benefit and accept his authority now.

When he determines that punishment is in order, I am expected to strip below the waist and lay across the bed. He then removes his belt and gives me what I deserve. Wow that sounds like my husband too.

I too am Spank my wife bare to strip below Spank my wife bare waist and then put myself over his lap.

I hate it, but Spank my wife bare too, recognize the benefit and accept his authority. A spanking is an act of Love, like he cares enough about our relationship to correct me. I recognize how many woman get a good old fashioned spanking from their boyfriend or husband. I too always get spanked on the bare bottom. I always dress in a skirt and blouse Spank my wife bare else.

He takes me voluntarily changing my clothes as acceptance to what is going to happen. When I lay my self over his lap he always starts with his hand "Spank my wife bare" my skirt, but it quickly comes up as he then spanks me with his hand and a wooden paddle and if "Spank my wife bare" have been really naughty I may get the belt.

I am put over a kitchen chair or the bed for a few swats with an old fashioned sorority paddle. This hurts the most. I appreciate my maintenance spankings so I do not get the punishment spankings.

I know he loves me. I got my first spanking from him over 20 years ago before we were married. I have been receiving the spankings since.

We both love and respect each other. My bottom gets really sore, but our relationship stays healthy! I to get spanked bare from the waist down. We have been married for 25 years, and just started about 4 months ago. This new life style has changed us for the better. Getting spanked showes he loves me and cares about keeping peace in the house. Pages Home About Me. Friday, April Spank my wife bare, Why I spank bare bottom. I spank bare bottom because there's a thought process to it.

When I tell my wife she's going to get a spanking, and it's time, then she's the one who pulls everything down and bares her bottom. To me that's her consent. It's her way, even though she may be protesting verbally, of saying I'm going to submit to your will and get spanked of my own free will. Sometimes after baring her bottom she plops herself across my lap as a final protest but it doesn't keep her from her spanking. I also spank bare bottom because I can see what is happening.

In other words I can tell if I'm spanking too hard or too light. Come see thousands of spanking videos and a massive collection of pictures, involving hot misbehaving sexpots getting their bare bottoms spanked at the web's.

During the past 19 months, he spanked me only 7 times, with his hand on my bare buttocks. I am wondering though if this is an approved method. marriage. spanking wife, Marriage, Spanking Machine, Whipping my wife bent me over the sink and whipped my bare bottom until I was red, sore.

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