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Chang and Eng Bunker May 11, — January 17, were Siamese-American conjoined twin brotherspopularly known as the " Siamese twins ", the name they used to promote themselves.

Their Photos of nude siamies twins propelled the expression to become a synonym for conjoined twins in general. Born in today's Thailand with Chinese heritage, the brothers were brought to the United States in Within three years they left the control of their managers, who they thought were cheating them, and toured on their own.

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Many physicians studied them as they became known to American and European audiences in " freak shows ". Newspapers and the public were sympathetic to them but not immune to racial prejudice. In early exhibitions, they appeared exotic and displayed their athleticism; later on, in a more dignified parlor setting, they would hold conversations in English.

After a decade of financial success, the twins quit touring in and settled near Mount Airy in rural North Carolina. Integrating into the community, they became U. They fathered 21 Photos of nude siamies twins, several of whom would accompany them once they resumed touring a decade later.

The families lived in two separate houses, alternating three-day stays. The twins became well-off businessmen; after the Civil War they lost the part of their wealth in slaves. An autopsy after their death at the age of 62 revealed that their livers were fused in the ligament connecting their Photos of nude siamies twins. Many works have fictionalized the Bunkers' lives or use them to symbolize cooperation or discord, such as representing the Union and Confederacy during the Civil War.

Photos of nude siamies twins Darin Strauss wrote, "No definitive history of the twins' life exists; their conjoined history was a confusion of legend, sideshow hyperbole, and editorial invention even while they lived. Chang and Eng [nb 1] were born in in Siam modern-day Thailand ; their mother reportedly said their birth was no more difficult than their siblings'.

Their father, Ti-eye, was a fisherman of Chinese descent. He died when the twins were young, possibly in a smallpox epidemic in Their mother, Nok, "Photos of nude siamies twins" ducks with her children's help. The "discovery" of the brothers is credited to the British merchant Robert Hunter. InHunter reportedly first met the twins while he was on a fishing boat in the Menam River and the twins were swimming at dusk.

He mistook them for Photos of nude siamies twins "strange animal", but after meeting them he saw economic opportunity in bringing them to the West. She had believed that her conjoined sons were dead, having not seen them for fifteen years, but was informed that they were alive and recently married.

Chang and Eng were 17 years old when they traveled to the United States with Hunter, Coffin, a crew of eighteen men, and a Siamese translator. After leaving the United States, they toured major cities in England, and by the time they returned to New York in Marchthe twins had gained some skill in English reading, writing, and speaking. Newspapers reported that they had earned great profits, and their promotional materials began to describe their customers as dignified—though their act of Photos of nude siamies twins could seem crude—to help bring more moneyed visitors.

When touring in cities, the twins stayed Photos of nude siamies twins a hotel for several days, sometimes for more than a week, and charged audiences to attend their " freak show ".

In small towns, their manager would send flyers ahead of their arrival, and they would remain at a lodge or inn for just one or two nights. Hale, introduced the twins as the "Siamese Youths", a name they preferred to "boys. In early performances, the twins performed physical feats, running and doing somersaults. An emphasis was placed on their exoticness: They occasionally exhibited swimming, playing checkers, and doing parlor tricks.

In the summer ofHale took the twins on a retreat in Lynnfield, Massachusetts. While hunting game, they were approached by over a dozen local men and Photos of nude siamies twins they were being taunted and harassed, going on to strike a man named Elbridge Gerry with the butt of their gun.

Gerry retaliated, throwing a heavy stone at one twin's head, drawing blood. The twins fired at Gerry, though their gun was blank. The men ran off. The following day, one of the men pressed charges, alleging that the twins were at fault.

A special court was convened, and the brothers were arrested for disturbing the peace and paid bond for good behavior. The Salem Mercury portrayed the twins as the victims of the Lynnfield incident; other papers followed suit. Two weeks after the event, Gerry published a letter titled "To the Public", saying that the twins had provoked the violence. Hale became mad that the twins had gotten into a situation where their public image could be slandered.

He resigned as their manager Photos of nude siamies twins September and was replaced by a friend, Charles Harris. In the public eye, Abel Coffin, the man who first brought them to the United States, continued to serve as a father figure to the twins.

The twins were involved in another conflict soon later, during a performance in Alabama.

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A surgeon in attendance rose to ask to conduct a close examination of the ligature connecting the twins. They refused, having not permitted close inspections for more than two years. Rising in anger—"you are all a set of impostors and pickpockets," the doctor said—disorder erupted as guests threw objects across the room.

The twins fled and later, as they were probably the first ones to disturb the peace, Photos of nude siamies twins a good-behavior bond ordered by a magistrate. Relations between the twins and the Coffins strained beginning in Januarywhen Abel's wife Susan Coffin refused requests from the twins on several issues. Later in the year, Chang and Eng started asking Harris to send letters pleading their cases.

In one instance, Mrs. Abel Coffin left for Asia in late and planned to return by January Coffin broke down completely. They regularly asked about when Abel Coffin would get back once; they hoped to be free from commitment to the Coffins on their 21st birthday in May as Abel had "Photos of nude siamies twins" promised.

They also worried that, should Coffin never return, they would remain in permanent limbo between freedom and contract. They began to think that Mrs. Coffin was "deceitful and greedy" as they learned of the Coffins' management practices.

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Coffin had encouraged them to perform when they were sick. During one voyage, the Photos of nude siamies twins had paid full fare for themselves but booked the twins into steerage, listing them Photos of nude siamies twins servants, and lied to the twins when they were questioned.

The twins learned that Mrs. Coffin was willing to pay a higher wage for one attendant than for the one the twins preferred. They came to believe that Mrs. Coffin "had misled me". Abel Coffin returned to Massachusetts in July and discovered that the twins were missing.

He accused Hale of "exciting his subjects to rebellion" Hale had not and eventually tracked down the brothers in Bath, New York. Hale later said that Coffin said he had met the twins "whoring, gaming, and drinking" and "gave Chang Eng 'the damndest thrashing they ever had in their lives. The twins did not "Photos of nude siamies twins" announce Photos of nude siamies twins they were in business on their own nor alter their public persona.

They answered audience questions sitting in a formal, parlor setting. In their free time, they hunted game. They did not perform on their sightseeing trip across Western Europe in —36 visiting Paris; AntwerpBelgium; The Hague and Amsterdamand other cities. Among other particulars positioning the twins as upper-class—such as explaining that Chinese were elites in Siam—it reported that a representative of United States president Andrew Jackson had visited the twins' mother.

The final setting for the Chang and Eng's on-and-off — tour was held in Jefferson, North Carolinaon July 3 and 4, According to a family friend, moving to Wilkes Countyin the northwest of the state, allowed them to "engage in chasing stag and catching trout They soon became well acquainted with members of elite Wilkes society, including James Calloway and Robert C. Martin, physicians; Abner Carmichael, the county sheriff; and James W. Former manager Charles Harris relocated with them, becoming postmaster of Traphill.

Gwyn administered their oath of allegiance; despite a federal law from restricting naturalization to "free white persons," citizenship was a matter generally governed by local attitudes.

A home on the Traphill land was constructed in They also bought slaves and hired several women as housekeepers; the twins' first slave was named "Aunt" Grace Gates. Photos of nude siamies twins Whig Party newspaper Carolina Watchman of Salisbury called them "genuine Whigs," and the Boston Transcript reported that they were "happy as lords.

Raleigh Register April 13, [43]. Ina profile of the twins in the Tennessee Mirror made clear the twins' intentions to marry. Many newspapers regularly joked about such an act, discouraging marriage not just with objections over the twins' deformity but because of their race. Though national mainly Northern newspapers generally condemned the marriages, there was probably little local reaction except purported vandalism of Sarah and Adelaide's parent's house the night before the wedding.

By the late s, the twins spoke English fluently, had voted, and had filed criminal charges against several white people. They felt themselves to be Americans. They split their time Photos of nude siamies twins Mount Airy and Traphill because their families had grown large; by Adelaide had delivered four children and Sarah three.

Inten of their eighteen slaves were under the age of seven, some owned just to be sold later for profit, and some grew up to work the fields. The Bunker plantations produced wheat, rye, corn, oats, and potatoes, and raised cows, sheep, and pigs. That they did not grow tobacco—unlike many North Carolina farms—may suggest that their plantation was run primarily to feed the Bunker family and its slaves.

Despite being generally part of the region's aristocracy, some of their practices set them apart. They were occasionally seen performing manual labor. Their method of chopping wood was particularly effective: They continued recreational hunting, and they took up fishing, drinking, and several sports.

Partial retirement ended up not suiting the Bunkers, and they sought to resume touring for what they called financial reasons: They traveled to New York City in with daughters Katherine and Josephine, both aged five, but the brief tour petered out due to poor management, and they returned to North Carolina.

They conducted a successful year-long tour inagain bringing two children Christopher and Katherine. They again justified the tour by saying their motivation was to raise money to support Photos of nude siamies twins by this point, 11 children's education.

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