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Titi tuesday

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The season premiered with Titi tuesday total of 1. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 11 December Titi tuesday 27 July Archived from the original on 29 November Retrieved 29 November Retrieved 28 July Retrieved 29 July Retrieved 31 July Hour in Total Viewers". Retrieved 5 August Retrieved 9 August Retrieved 3 September Leadership Shared by Several Broadcast Networks". Retrieved 6 September Retrieved 7 September Retrieved 11 September Retrieved 14 September Retrieved 15 September A Benefit for Hurricane Relief' Draws Retrieved 17 September Retrieved 18 September Retrieved 22 September Retrieved 24 September Retrieved 26 September Retrieved 29 September Retrieved 2 October Retrieved 3 October Retrieved 4 October Retrieved 5 October Retrieved 6 October Retrieved 7 October Retrieved 11 October Retrieved 16 October Retrieved 17 October Retrieved 18 October Retrieved 20 October Retrieved 21 October Retrieved 24 October Retrieved 3 November Hour Among Cable News Programs".


Retrieved 8 November Retrieved 9 November Retrieved 10 November Retrieved 14 November Retrieved 15 November Retrieved Titi tuesday November Retrieved 18 November Retrieved 26 November Retrieved 30 November Episodes Season 2 3 Characters. Retrieved from " https: CS1 Spanish-language sources es. Views Read Edit View Titi tuesday. This page was last edited on 25 Januaryat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Twenty years ago; a young woman named Catalina Santana is receives multiple shot in a food court; but thanks to the medical help he received; This woman Titi tuesday taken to an emergency hospital where she is operated surgically, after a long operation Catalina, La Grande is saved and her recovery period begins.

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On the other hand, La Diabla arrives in Pereira where she presumes Titi tuesday new car and while she goes around the neighborhood, Hilda stops her because she needs to ask about her daughter. Agent Martin Cruz visits the doctor who operated on Catalina, La Grande because he him to want Catalina, La Grande to be declared dead, because if it is known that he survived he will be in danger. Catalina, La Grande manages to recover from her Titi tuesday completely and Martin visits her at the hospital to offer her a deal; after the talk with Martin, Catalina agrees to travel to the United States since she must collaborate with the justice to declare against a drug trafficker.

When saying goodbye to his patient, Santiago reveals his true feelings to Catalina, La Grande. La Diabla makes a party in its new mansion and in the middle of the celebration La Titi tuesday speaks with Octavio since it wants to propose a deal to him.

When he arrives at the jail, Marcial learns that La Diabla has lied to him and Catalina, La Grande Titi tuesday everything he dreamed a long time ago. Albeiro asks Hilda not to press him to accept the she child because he does not want the happen same thing that happened to Catalina, La Grande. Knowing that the sale of cocaine in Europe is very well paid, La Diabla asks one of his men to bring him people to work with them.

Martin arrives at Jota's house to tell him that his friend Catalina, La Grande is Titi tuesday and now they need your help so that she knows how her family is doing.

Santiago travels to Miami to see Catalina, Titi tuesday Grande and after spending time at his side, this man he asks for marriage. La Diabla convinces her friend Paola to Titi tuesday the drug to Spain, since the money she is going to give would get her out of all her financial problems. While working as a waitress, Catalina, La Grande meets Martin again, as it brings her very good news of her visit to Colombia.

Albeiro and Hilda go to Jota's house as they feel that something could happen to he. Martin looks for Catalina, La Grande in the restaurant and discovers that her boss tried to abuse her. On the other hand, Gato Gordo tells his boss that a powerful drug trafficker from Sinaloa wants to meet with her.

After talking with Jota, Albeiro realizes that his compadre Titi tuesday lying to him again. In the middle of the airport, Octavio discovers that Catalina, La Grande is in this same place, so she decides to start following her, and Santiago receives great news.

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After doing business with a well-known drug trafficker in Sinaloa, La Diabla is responsible Titi tuesday ensuring that the goods arrive safely at their destination. Meanwhile, Catalina is preparing to participate in an operation against this drug trafficker and La Diabla learns that his contact has been captured.

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After Titi tuesday years Catalina, La Grande receives the call from he friend Jota because he needs to tell her La Diabla Titi tuesday her family and now she must make a decision to stay in Miami or return to Colombia to help them. Albeiro and Hilda told Catalina and her friends that La Diabla and Daniela managed to escape; and to be able to claim the things that belong to him, Marcial asks them not to look for them.

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After a strong beating Catalina tells La Diabla that she will be sent to a jail to the United States and there she will pay for all the damage she did to all her loved ones. After talking with his compadres, Jota tells them Titi tuesday accept Marcial's proposal since all this belonged to his daughter.

Meanwhile, La Diabla tries to convince Catalina, La Grande to Titi tuesday her and Albeiro tells her daughter to spend the night in the house that belonged to La Diabla.

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Upon reaching the prison La Diabla begins to have problems with his she cellmate and Daniela feels helpless to know that not only lost his mother but also lost all the things that were his heritage.

After the operation in Colombia; Titi tuesday, La Grande tells Santiago that she was able to capture La Diabla and now she will Titi tuesday for everything she did to her family.

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After the conversation with Catalina, La Grande, Santiago feels worried about not knowing if his wife is still in love with Albeiro. When Daniela arrives at her house she meets Martina as she wants Titi tuesday propose a new business; and when he meets El Titi, this man asks Daniela to tell him the routes that his mother used so that they could continue with the business, sending the Titi tuesday abroad. On the other hand, Hannibal meets his people to give indications of the plans that will be carried out now.

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After being humiliated by her she cellmate, La Diabla makes a risky decision to get rid of her. For her part, Daniela tells her father that Gato Gordo and Titi are looking for her to create a new alliance. When seeing that El Titi is in the house of Daniela, Martina feels jealous to see them together. Upon learning of what happened at Daniela's house, Marcial worries about what these two can plan; For its part, La Diabla must fulfill the mission entrusted to it by the she director of the prison or otherwise pay the Titi tuesday.

Albeiro begins to feel the first effects of witchcraft. La Diabla tells Daniela that she should not get involved with El Chalo; although he begins to approach her more and more. Hilda tells Calvo that she has just finished her relationship with her husband and Albeiro suffers because of Hilda's decision. After what Paola told them, Ximena thinks about taking care of her daughter at all times and the Colonel tells Jota and Daniel that they can go home. Paola Titi tuesday to say goodbye to her daughter.

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El Chalo Titi tuesday looking for Daniela since he wants to offer his help in the reign. The teacher asks Catalina if she thought about the proposal she made since otherwise she will not be able to graduate. Albeiro again begins to feel strong pains and La Diabla asks a very special request to the witch; since he wants Albeiro to fall once and for all at his feet.

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