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REMEMBER where you are right now as you're reading this sentence; these moments will be the last few in your life before you knew about the one true gift of Your very sense of time will now be bifurcated into the before blah and the after: When you followed Dumped Wife's Revengethe best Instagram account in all recorded history, and everything changed. Dumped Wife's Revenge is the creation of Dianne Laurance, Western Australian - based businesswoman, lifestyle guru, posi-vibes influencer, and international WHIPwho has been posting for the last year under one simple premise: If that little spelling quirk makes you pause and think, 'who Naked wife revenge video this strange, magical storyteller?

Here's a Dumped Wife's Revenge primer: Laurance posts nearly every day, in a figure-flattering outfit often leopard-print, occasionally athleisurewith an alliterative caption dedicated to the appropriate lesson: In video messages, she describes aspects of her empowered Dumped Wife's lifestyle, like what she gets out of travelling, dressing up for special occasions, working on a business venture, or just hanging out by herself.

She speaks slowly and clearly, with a quasi-Sonja Morgan, " caburlesque " musical cadence, as if her voice Naked wife revenge video Prancercising. May they forever bring light hearted laughter into our lives We always get a glimpse of some gorgeous West Australian vista or her art-filled home, or she's Naked wife revenge video in what she calls the Dumped Wife's Chair - that's where she delivers "Dizey's Doozys," weekly titbits that are kind of Dumped Wife's truisms.

In the video below, for example, Laurance talks about benefits of diversity in front of a nude portrait of herself holding a fur coat. She ends many of her videos with a laugh and a tongue-click accompanied by a finger-gun, like she's telling the viewer to giddy-up.

It does help the prevention of two extremely damaging traits creeping in and they are Naked wife revenge video and arrogance.

Dumped Wife's Revenge gives us the model of freedom we crave in a season seemingly defined by beautiful young people inexplicably getting engaged and crying about it in public. Even when Laurance realised she spelled Vogue wrong in a post about this interview, she didn't take it down, she just wrote in the caption, "Apologies to Vogue for spelling mistake.

Nearly had to pull out the sunglasses with all the brilliant blinding bling This Pricilla was in her glory!!

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Laurance's confidence is essential to the Dumped Wife's Revenge project, which came out of what she interpreted as a "challenge" from her ex-husband, who left her for a younger woman after 26 years of marriage. Her divorce was finalised only 18 months ago; the split was traumatic, she recounted to Vogue during a recent phone interview. His response was to tell her that, "When two people have been together for a long time and they break up, there's Naked wife revenge video one who thrives and one who doesn't," Laurance recalled.