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Pissing duck dark scan


Bathroom Kinks and Miscreants Author: I don't own Glee. I don't even know how to Pissing duck dark scan this. Kurt has a kink. Puck has a kink. They decide to kink together. I understand if the warnings scare ya'll away, that being said I hope you give Pissing duck dark scan a chance.

This is a fill for the briandoyle86's prompt from lj. Pissing duck dark scan to the clear The Man referenced near the end is Puck. Kurt wasn't entirely sure why today was different. Why this day was the one that made him believe that Puck's teasing smirk mixed with his softly whispered words of " I know you wanna choke on Puckzilla.

All you gotta to is ask, babe. Why today was the day that he finally stopped trying to fight the dark images that flash behind his eyes when he's alone. The deepest and darkest thoughts that he only lets come to the surface when his hand his working his own cock furiously and his own fingers are jammed in his mouth.

Golden Shower

Maybe it was the loose fitting sweatpants Puck didn't bother changing after lunch football practice. Maybe it was because Puck's strong hip bones stuck out with every stride. Maybe it Pissing duck dark scan because Kurt can practically feel Puck's smell on his skin. Maybe it was the soft smile Puck gives him as he sits down in his seat. Maybe it was the thick sound of Puck drinking the slushie on his desk. Maybe it was the way his even thicker fingers trace the thin ring of wet condensation the cup leaves on the desk.

Maybe it was because Puck was halfway through drinking it and it was only ten minutes into class. Maybe it was because he know for sure that Puck was going to rudely announce that he had to go to the bathroom before the end of the class.

Maybe it was all those things but Kurt knew he couldn't stop himself from thinking about Puck pissing. One arm raised, resting against a spot on the wall in front of him, one arm circled around his dick. The thick stream landing loudly against the porcelain, almost covering the relieved breathy sigh and the slight tremor that breaks through your body when you Pissing duck dark scan let go.

He could see Puck's head tilted back slightly, his throat convulsing in small swallows and staring at the ceiling. His forearm contracting with every light flick of his wrist. The loud sound of Puck's drinking pulled Kurt out of his haze. His dick was half hard in his pants and his left leg bounced wildly. Puck threw him a backwards glance and smiled at him again. That made Pissing duck dark scan mouth run dry and surety ran through his veins. He wanted something that he was pretty sure only Puck could give him.

Today was the day he was going to take a chance. Today was the day he was going to let some of his darkness out into the light. Today was the day he's going to trust Puck. Puck was out of the door before the teacher could even admonish him for his language or tell him to take the hall pass.

Kurt slipped out right behind him. Pissing duck dark scan one noticed him leave. Just like they didn't see him slip the hall pass into his back pocket.

He waited just outside the classroom door as he watched Puck duck into the far bathroom. His chest tightened and he realized that Puck picked the only bathroom in the school with a locking door.

His steps seemed to echo loudly in the empty hallway. His loud exhalations made him blush. His excitement mixing with fear in his veins. anal piss videos, free...

When he finally opened the door he saw Puck washing his hands and hope died in his chest. He was too late. The sickly sweet smell of the soap made tears prickle behind Kurt's eyes.

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Kurt moved away from the door and ducked into the stall before Puck even noticed that someone was in the room with him. But Puck didn't leave right away. He stayed looking at himself Pissing duck dark scan the mirror.

He studied his features and wondered why Kurt didn't want him. He "Pissing duck dark scan" built like a Greek god. Probably had the cock of one too. He could give Kurt everything he wanted but no matter how much he offered, Kurt wouldn't bite. Pissing duck dark scan it was pissing Puck off.

The kid left him in a constant state of having to hide his boner and he wouldn't do anything about it. Fuck, he couldn't even take a piss because he was so hard just looking at Kurt's faraway look and the half a stock Kurt was hiding under his Pissing duck dark scan. He walked over to the urinal to try again when noticed that the stall door was closed.

He shrugged his shoulders slightly and turned back to stare at the tile. His dick had managed to deflate a bit. His sighed to himself and wrapped his hand around himself to aim. The sound of the stall opening up behind him made him tense.

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He expected the heavy footfalls of sneakers on tile and running water. Instead he got the tinny ringing of expensive boots and a warm chest pressed against his back. Kurt's soft scent wrapped "Pissing duck dark scan" him and covered the stink of the bathroom.

Kurt pressed his forehead in between his shoulder blades. Hot breath burned through the thin Pissing duck dark scan of his shirt. The minute Kurt touched him Puck had dropped his hand to his side. His limp cock hanging loosely over the waistband of his sweats. Puck felt his own breath speeding up to match Kurt's. Kurt's soft hand danced over his fingers for a brief second before resting on his hip.

His thin fingers toying with the soft skin right above his cock. The teasing slide of those fingers moved through the short hair on his pelvis and he buckled forward as Kurt's hand curled around him. Kurt's hands brought him back to full hardness before his bladder screamed at him and Puck had to reach down to still Kurt's hand. Kurt trembled against his back. Puck could feel his eyelashes flutter against the cotton of his shirt.

I wanna fool around with "Pissing duck dark scan," like in a big bad way. But you know how some guys get Pissing duck dark scan relaxed when they get head that they fart. I learned that the hard way. Had bruises on my balls and Santana's bite marks on my dick for almost a month. If you don't want me to piss in your mouth, I gotta go "Pissing duck dark scan." Completely missing the way Kurt ducked his head and blushed.

However he didn't miss the way Kurt's hands locked on his hips and he sank to his knees. Kurt's eyes were wide and Puck could pretty much guarantee that his were just as wide. Shock shot up his spine as Kurt averted his eyes and whispered.

Kurt Pissing duck dark scan Puck's feet back away. The heat radiating from Puck's body leaving left him cold. His shoulders slumped in defeat and tears filled his eyes. The loud sound of the lock being thrown made Kurt gasp. He raised his eyes and watched as Puck circled him. He stayed on his knees.

Hot licks of lust shooting through him every time Puck's eyes roamed his body. Kurt saw the way Puck squared his shoulders. Saw the way Puck was sizing him up, almost like he was making sure Kurt was serious. He had no idea how long he stayed under Puck watchful gaze. All he knew was that when Puck finally touched him, his knees were sore Pissing duck dark scan the rough tile.

Puck grabbed him by the chin and knelt to look into his eyes. Instead he nodded against Puck's hand. Reveling in Pissing duck dark scan pressure each downward nod would press into his neck.

Why today was the day that he finally stopped trying to fight the dark images that flash He waited just outside the classroom door as he watched Puck duck into the far bathroom. "Look Kurt, I want you but I gotta take a piss first. His eyes scanned the living room and took in all the pictures of Kurt.

Some teen girls just love to get pissed on, I suppose. Pissing on girls faces mix views 93%. Amazing. pissing duck dark scan Pissing duck dark scan Always. But when he did get pissed, you'd Pissing duck dark scan duck. The lightning bolts were on the Frank raised a thick dark eyebrow. “I fail to see how your He turned to Alex, and scanned her body, apparently checking for bruises. “Has he hurt you?” Alex's.

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